Workshops are booked on a one-to-one basis and
are available to book throughout the year.

Private tuition is available for the following qualification:

GCSE & 'A' Level Photography

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards

(Locations within 5-10 miles from Salisbury and Kenilworth
plus 45ppm travel costs)
For further afield locations please enquire.


The 2-hour practical workshops are designed for young photographers aged 11-19 who want to learn how to operate their camera while learning the basics of photography.

All types of cameras welcome. A keen interest in photography is the only requirement.

Each workshop starts at the studio and includes a location photo shoot to practice skills learnt.

GET STARTED: Content includes:

  • The basics of photography

      • Understanding your camera… it's controls and buttons

          • Styles of photography - rule of thirds, compositions and angles
            • GET TECHY: Content includes:

              • Shooting in the different creative modes

                  • How to select a suitable shutter speed, aperture and ISO

                      • How to capture different types of images
                        • BOOKING FEES

                          One workshop (2 hours) £55

                          Two workshops (4 hours) £95

                          Option to share your workshop with a friend available. Please enquire.

Young Photographers Gallery

Client images taken during workshops