FULL DAY WORKSHOP (6 hrs) - £150

Landscapes can seem simple to capture but a great landscape needs thought, planning and patience. We will visit a minimum of two locations during the day and practice a number of techniques to enhance your landscape photography.

Master the skills required for this area of photography and you will be rewarded with images that transform the scenes you love and help develop you as a photographer.

This workshop will give you a greater understanding of how to create interesting, beautiful landscape images of the places you love.

The workshop is suitable for those who have an understanding of their camera's controls and settings.


  • Working with tripods, remote controls, polarizers, neutural density and graduated filters

      • Lighting conditions & composition styles, what to keep in / leave out

          • Selecing appropriate creative modes, exposures and focusing options
            • EQUIPMENT

              • DSLR and mirrorless cameras are both suitable for this workshop

                  • A tripod, fully charged battery, filters would be helpful but not essential
                    • Fees include: Course notes, refreshments and lunch.

                      This workshop will run with 3 - 5 people to guarantee personal tuition.

                      Discounts available for two people booking together.


FRIDAY - 10am - 4.30pm

27th MARCH 2020


Dates may change due to unsuitable weather conditions

3 - 5 bookings required to run this workshop


Dates and times to suit. Please enquire.