Your tuition can be a starting point or build on your knowledge and creativity to expand your knowledge and creativity.

This option is perfect for those who prefer individual tuition and will allow you to learn at your own pace.

Private tuition is suitable for all levels of ability and all types of cameras are welcome.

Topics availalble include the areas listed below. Click on each link for suggested content.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

BEGINNERS £350 10 hours Tuition

Your tuition will start by building your knowlegde of your camera's controls and settings.

ISO, shutter speed and apertures will all be explained and practiced and you will be shooting in the creative modes and off automatic settings.

Click on BEGINNERS for suggested content.

EDITING & POST PRODUCTION £210 6 hours Tuition

Learn how to edit, adjust and enhance your images. The post production process will help develop your skills and creativity at every stage of photography.

Click on EDITING & POST PRODUCTION for suggested content.

INTERMEDIATE COURSE £210 6 hours tuition per course

Each module will consolidate all the topics from the Beginners tuition and aims to develop your skills and knowledge further. Three areas of photography are available: Portraits, Landscapes and Still Life. Alternatively, your tuition can be tailored to suit your personal photography requirements.

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10% 0FF


Offer ends: 31st December 2018

Private tuition can be booked week days and weekends subject to availability.

Your workshop can be held at your home for convenience. (Venues 5 plus miles from Salisbury - 45ppm travel costs)

Continue your tuition with one off workshops
Please email for details.