The following three group courses are suitable for anyone who wants to get their camera off 'Auto' mode to unlock its true potential and turn their pictures into stunning images.

Each course will give you all the knowledge and skills required to explore photography and take your creativity to new levels.

Small group numbers ensure you receive individual tuition throughout each course. Post-course help and advice is included to reinforce knowledge and skills learnt.

The following courses run throughout the year. Please click on each course for further details and start dates.

BEGINNERS COURSE - 8 weeks £320

This practical hands-on course will get you operating your camera to it's full potential while learning what makes a great image and the basics of photography. The perfect start for all new photographers!

Click on BEGINNERS for full details.


Post-production of images is an important part of photography.

Editing, adjusting and enhancing images is a skill on its own and will help develop your creativity at every stage of photography. This course will give you confidence to use photography software programmes.

Click on POST PRODUCTION for full details.

INTERMEDIATE COURSES - 4 weeks £160 each

Each course will consolidate everything learnt on the beginners' course by focussing on specific areas of photography to help you progress and expand your knowledge and creativity.

Click on INTERMEDIATE for full details.


Been unable to find time to practice your new found skills?

The 3-hour practical workshop will re-engage you
with your camera using five easy steps!

Maximum 5 places on each workshop.

OFFER ENDS: 1st April 2019

WEDNESDAYS: 10am - 1pm - 3rd April & 15th May

SATURDAYS: 10pm - 1pm - 13th April & 4th May

MONDAYS: 6pm - 9pm - 29th APRIL & 20th MAY

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