Photography Club

The Photography Club is open to all current and past clients and we invite you to share knowledge,
skills and enthusiasm!

The approach of the club is relaxed and informal with photo shoots and events orgainised each month
to join as and when you are able to.

Come along and enjoy the company of others with the same interest, and spend qualitiy time practicing
and improving your photography skills and techniques… and I will be on hand to help.

The Members Gallery is open to all clients so you can showcase your favourite images and you will be invited to join the annual exhibition.

The purpose of the Photography Club is to:

Provide opportunities throughout the year to help you progress with your knowledge and skills

Offer a range of locations, subjects and events to expand your photography experience

Events Calendar for each year with a minimum of 1 photo shoot / event each month

Provide continued help and support

Membership fee: £30 Membership runs from January to December

Fees do not include travel expenses, insurance or entry fees

Membership entiles you to:

  • All photo shoots and events organised for the club throughout the year

      • Discounts on future course and tours

          • Details of each month's event will be emailed to members and suggestions for future events are very welcome!

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