8 WEEK COURSE - £240 10% off January bookings - offer ends 31st December 2018

The 8 week course provides a solid foundation into digital photography to demistify the art of photography.

You will learn about ISO, shutter speed and apertures, which will be practiced throughout the course. I will teach you to shoot in the creative modes and off automatic settings. How to compose images for a variety of subjects will also be included.

A digital SLR camera is a must to gain the most from this course.

Four practical workshops are included to practice camera controls, exposures and techniques.

Theory and practical content includes:

  • Camera & lenses: set up, handling and controls

      • Understanding the camera's creative modes

          • The exposure triangle: ISOs, f/stops, shutter speeds

              • Exposure overrides and working in full Manual Mode
                • By the end of your course you will be able to shoot in control of your camera's settings and ready to explore your new found skills.

                  Post-course help and advice provide continual support at the end of your course.

                  Fees include: Tuition notes and refreshments

                  To guarantee personal tuition places are limited to a maximum of 5 each course.

                  Catch up sessions are available for those unable to attend every week: £35



Tuesdays: 10.15am - 12.30pm - 8th Jan - 26th Feb

Wednesday: 6.15pm - 8.30pm - 9th Jan - 27th Feb

Wednesdays: 6.15pm - 8.30pm - 6th Mar - 24th April


Wednesdays: 10.15am - 12.30pm - 9th Jan - 27th Feb

Mondays: 6.15pm - 8.30pm - 4th March - 29th April
(1 week break for Easter)